Equality Roundup: North Carolina Votes, Biden Speaks, Pro-Gay Hip-Hop Makes Us Cry and More

May 8, 2012 By Josh Steichmann

biden ammendment oneToday North Carolina votes on Amendment 1, which wouldn’t ban same-sex marriage (it’s already illegal in NC, natch), but rather domestic partnerships, civil unions and really any of the other legally-recognized romantic relationships that give stability to children and support families. (Unfortunately, not enough voters know that; support falls drastically when they find out.)

You can see some of the people affected here. They’re just like us: families who want to love as they please, partners with deep commitments, and children who love their parents.

Also worth seeing is the press conference run by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber where he rebukes the North Carolina media for not asking the right questions. Preach it, Rev.

Over the weekend, there was that thing that happened: Biden said to Meet The Press that he was “absolutely comfortable” with the freedom to marry.. Then Obama advisor David Axelrod tried to walk back Biden’s statements, which might have just been a trial balloon anyway. Whether you think Obama’s unnecessarily dragging his feet over politics or wisely biding his time in order to have a better shot at reelection, every single person who commented on this story declared that they were right all along (including us).

Speaking of acceptance: Adair Lion’s “Ben” calls out homophobia in hip-hop. Sure, we’re big softies, but the song about how making an unexpected gay friend changed Adair’s views got us a little choked up.

Then Maurice Sendak sent us over into tears: His NY Times obit is here, and this Atlantic linkfest includes one of our favorite quotes from the acerbic, openly gay, author: “People say, ‘Oh, Mr. Sendak. I wish I were in touch with my childhood self, like you!’ As if it were all quaint and succulent, like Peter Pan. Childhood is cannibals and psychotic vomiting in your mouth!”

Thanks for the weird years, Maurice. You made them a lot more bearable.

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