Huge win for Equality in California Primaries

June 6, 2012 By Josh Steichmann

Candidates endorsed by Equality California had a near sweep in their primary elections. Here’s an update on their next steps and a few notes on other races of note to the community:

Open seats: Both Cathleen Galgiani (Dem., SD-5) and Susan Eggman (Dem., AD-13) won their contests handily. Both are openly lesbian in California’s conservative central valley, and both easily outpaced their opponents. Galgiani will face Republican Bill Berryhill in the November election, and Eggman will face Republican Jeffrey Jafri.

Luis Lopez (Dem., AD-51) came in second to fellow Democrat Jimmy Gomez, and will face him in November. Likewise, Abel Guillen (Dem., AD-18) came in second to fellow Democrat Rob Bonta, and will challenge him again in the fall.

In a tight race where multiple candidates split the Democratic vote, General Richard Roth came in second to Republican Jeff Miller. Miller’s been a committed foe of equality for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people, and Roth will need all the help we can give him to win in November.

Assemblymember Ricardo Lara, first LGBT person to lead the state’s Latino Legislative Caucus, rolled unopposed to numbers most politicians can only dream of: 100 percent.

Finally, Marty Block (Dem, SD-39) heads into November with a three point edge on his Republican opponent, George Plescia, after Democrats split their vote.


All the incumbents won their races, with Assembly Speaker John A. PĂ©rez (Dem. AD-53) winning with over 50 percent of the votes cast. Senator Mark Leno (Dem., SD-11) went even further, trouncing his only opposition with over 80 percent of the vote. Assemblymember Tom Ammiano (Dem., AD-17) did even better, taking 83 percent of the vote.

Head of the LGBT Legislative Caucus, Assemblymember Rich Gordon (Dem, AD-24) took over 50 percent and looks well-positioned for the fall.

Another LGBT Caucus member, Toni Atkins (Dem., AD-78) took nearly 60 percent of the vote, and will face Ralph Denney of the GOP come November.

Finally, Assemblymember Betsy Butler (Dem., AD-50) pulled off a squeaker with 25.9 percent of the vote (as of last count), and is currently slated to oppose fellow Dem. Richard Bloom (former mayor of Santa Monica, and LGBT friendly) in the general election.

Other elections:Pro-Prop 8 lawyer Andy Pugno got blanked by a moderate Republican and a moderate Dem in Assembly District 6.

San Diego’s primary includes gay Republican and progressive Democrat winners.

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June 09, 2012 at 6:06 pm, Cheryl Coulter said: I was educated by a young lady in the parking lot of a Trader Joe's about "conversion therapy"... I am astonished that this is a viable and condoned means of therapy... I really thought it was a joke! How is this different from brainwashing??!! What are the results of such therapy?!? I dare say it has probably contributed to the increased rates of suicide among our youth. Please! If you love your children, embrace them, just love them! How brave of them, in this society, to come out and let you know how they're hurting and wanting to be accepted. Ultimately, Don't we want our loved ones to live happy, fulfilling lives?? I can testify that I know more long term, successful LGBT relationships than heterosexual relationships at this point in my 55 years young life! I don't think the public has any idea how challenging it is to live an authentic life and I am humble and thankful for the lessons our youth extend to us every day. Keep up the good work. As for me... I'm going back to the young lady with her clipboard in the sun and giving a donation there!! Signed, A straight Mom appalled that this is still (REALLY???) an issue on all levels. And I thought we were so progressive in California! I stand corrected. ~sigh~

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