Equality Roundup: Farewell, Huell & Welcome Back, Advocate

January 7, 2013 By Josh Steichmann

huell howser the advocate print magazineIs It 2013 Already?

What with a new Executive Director, HanuKwanzMas and New Years, we’ve been a little bleary around the edges, but there’s already news worth recapping in 2013:

Our new ED John O’Connor is hard at work.

AFER sent us a save-the-date invite to oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry (Prop. 8) for March 26. Clear your calendars and save us room on your dance card.

In sad California news, Huell Howser, the good-golly host of California Gold, has died at 67. Howser was not publicly out, but was well known to be gay, and unfortunately his passing ends speculation of an imminent declaration from him.

The Advocate is coming back to print. For the journos and oldos amongst us, the idea of a seminal mag returning to print after a couple year sojourn brings a tear to the eye. 

Outside of California:

Historically black, all male Morehouse College introduces an LGBT class. More from Lambda Literary.

Mexico lifts ban on gay blood donations, leaving the US as the last holdout on this continent.

In the least consequential ritual harumphing event of the season, the confirmation hearings of former Sen. Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary, Barney Frank now backs Hagel’s bid.

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