Equality Roundup: Flying to Milk

January 18, 2013 By Josh Steichmann

sfo milkWe were behind making Harvey Milk Day official, and his nephew Stuart Milk is on our board, so it’s not a huge surprise that we’re all ’bout it ’bout it with the proposal for SFO airport to become Harvey Milk Airport. The objections are all a bit silly — it’s not THAT much money to change forms and et cetera, the idea that people will be confused and not know where they’re going is goofy (where else is going to have a Harvey Milk Airport?) and it would be a huge beacon for all the LGBT folk around the world to see that we can honor a proudly out man.

We’re also out in San Bedoo today (our favorite city nickname in the state), presenting our Reducing Disparities report on LGBT people and mental health care. It’s the first of a series of town halls that will take place throughout the state, reporting back on what we found and what we can do about it. Everyone is welcome; snacks will be served.

Prop. 8′s architect, Frank Schubert, has a proudly LGBT little sister, and she’s running for Sacramento County district attorney. We’ve got no position on her candidacy, but we’re always amazed at people who can advocate against the equality of their family members. Wonder if she ever asks him about his ongoing fight against the freedom to marry?

ABC News is asking Obama why he hasn’t filed an amicus in the Prop. 8 case yet. You know, we asked him the same thing, and you can help by contacting him through our online petition.

In national news: The Army says that even though they can’t discriminate against LGBT soldiers, they can still discriminate against their spouses. This is apparently because the Marines did something right, and the Army wants to make it clear that they’re not the Marines.

In local, but not here, news: Cranks in Utah got an LGBT family book removed from school libraries; ACLU got it back.

Rhode Island is getting closer to voting for the freedom to marry.

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