Breakthrough Conversations in the Desert

February 5, 2013 By George Zander

john o connor palm springsThe second round of Breakthrough Conversations in the Desert took place last night at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center of the Desert in Palm Springs. It was the second training session as there was a wonderful gathering at the local PFlag meeting. This was the first random gathering and not an organized group. Many of the 22 folks who attended knew each other and as LGBT and Straight allies in the room had worked together many times.

John O’Connor, newly appointed Equality California, made his first visit “home” to where he had been the ED of the LGBT Center previous to his appointment. He had a chance to greet the group and give a brief review of EQCA and some of the projects he sees for us in the near future. Since most in the room have been supporters of EQCA, his talk was greeted with enthusiasm. He promised the group that he would return soon for a larger public gathering.

I then led the group into a discussion on the history and principles of Breakthrough Conversations. It was a great conversation that was positive and everyone agreed to a certain extent that they could use some of the points brought the group.

Everyone committed to think about using the new language and all agreed to the importance of telling our stories in a “kinder, gentler” way will produce some results.

The participants took a few of the Breakthrough Conversation handbook and a copy of a great speech by Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington from the day she signed the Marriage Bill in her state. The wording of the speech is uncanny as to the use of many of our Breakthrough Conversations phrases.

The next two Breakthrough Conversations presentations will be in March at the College of the Desert GSA in Palm Desert and the Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage.

Click here learn more about the Breakthrough Conversation or to sign up for a training.

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