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APU Visits Equality California’s Office In West Hollywood

April 19, 2013 By Guest Contributor

By Arturo, Toni, and P


On Thursday, April 11, Equality California opened the doors of our West Hollywood office to the students of Azusa Pacific University (APU). Field Manager, Bella Week, and Phone Team Supervisors, Aimee Mendez and Justin Florez talked to the group of 20 students about EQCA’s work, and answered questions they had about our past and present legislation.

APU is the largest Christian university in California. The school’s policy clearly states that same-sex relationships or acts are strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action. On the application, the student must agree that “homosexual activities are unacceptable behaviors for students enrolled at APU”. Because of this, some of us were a little unsure of how all of the students would react to the stories of LGBT people. As we began to share our stories, the group of students became very open and interested in our personal experiences and our fight for LGBT equality.

The discussion then turned into an open forum between the APU students and EQCA staff. At this time, the group was joined by three of our phones team staff – Arturo, Toni and P. What happened was a truly amazing discussion about EQCA, sexuality and gender.

During the open discussion, one student asked each of the staff members to talk about their personal journey and how they joined EQCA.  Read the rest of this entry »

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