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Equality Roundup: Is Romney Forcing Obama’s “Evolution?”

April 27, 2012 By Josh Steichmann

obama evolveCongrats to Herndon Graddick, new president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination. With loads of experience as GLAAD’s communication vice president prior to his new job, he’s in a great position as a national spokesman for full equality. An incisive Washington Blade article highlights his forceful style.

Speaking of new leaders, we’ve launched a search for a new executive director here at EQCA. Have a vision for the biggest (and we hope best) statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality organization in California? Help us continue our groundbreaking work!

And speaking of articulating visions: How Romney’s choice of Richard Grenell should force Obama to “evolve” his LGBT positions. How Grenell squares his outspoke support of the freedom to marry with Romney’s opportunistic vacillation is up to his conscience, but maybe he’s supporting ’94 Romney. You know, the one that supported gay Boy Scouts.

No word on what 2012 Romney thinks yet.

Yet another poll finds growing support for the freedom to marry. As per usual, this is outside of an election context, when support tends to drop, in part due to the scaremongering tactics of the opposition — tactics that Equality California works directly to counter with our support for the Breakthrough Conversation. But it’s heartening to see that the longer marriage is legal for everyone, the less of a big deal it is. The poll also found growing support for gun ownership — good news for Pink Pistols, right?

Some of the encouraging news is to see that Catholic laity now support marriage for same=sex couples, even if the church itself is still as stiff as boiled leather.

In the Navy: LGBT leaders urge new submarine to be named for Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk may be better remembered for his trailblazing LGBT equality work than his military record, but he served in the Korean War as a rescue diver, and later as a diving instructor in San Diego. While we’re still undoing the damage left from generations of institutionalized homophobia (see Sen. Mark Udall’s letter to the defense department about streamlining paperwork here), naming a ship after an LGBT hero would be a good step in the right direction toward honoring the service of all Americans.

Finally, can we just say we’re chuffed about the new Ray-Ban ad, from the “Never Hide” campaign? Never hide indeed.

Equality Roundup: Day of Silence & Missing Voices

April 17, 2012 By Josh Steichmann

day of silence

GLAAD reaffirms something we’ve known for a while: the attempts to position religion as opposed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality are misleading, the result of cherry-picking “experts” and a pernicious propensity toward the most provocative. We get it, conflict sells papers. But pretending that LGBT equality conflicts with religion sells us all short.

The idea of missing voices animates the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network’s National Day of Silence, which encourages students (and everyone else) to remain silent on April 20, in protest of the silencing effects of bullying and harassment on LGBT students. An annual tradition since 1996, GLSEN has a toolkit for organizing your own Day of Silence (PDF) at your school or in your community.

From silence to something that provokes much wailing and gnashing of teeth: Federal tax policy discriminates against same-sex couples, according to a study run by our friends at the Movement Advancement Project. A New York Times column lays out some of the disparities, like child tax credits not uniformly recognized and often unavailable for one partner, paying more for health insurance than their straight counterparts (often deductible on taxes), and even the elaborate process of filing is more onerous, what with community property and unclear language. The best fix? Well, repealing the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Aside from that, shifting adoption laws to recognize all couples, and a possible permanent partner designation from the IRS.

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