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A New Chapter

December 3, 2012 By John O'Connor

john o'connor, eqca executive directorIt is with tremendous enthusiasm that I begin my tenure as the new executive director of Equality California today! This organization has a legacy that is nothing short of extraordinary and I consider it an enormous honor to be leading EQCA forward.

For over a decade, EQCA has worked tirelessly to make California a state with some of the most comprehensive legal protections in the nation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Building on EQCA’s legacy of accomplishment, I intend to move the organization forward as the statewide voice on LGBT equality.

While we’ve achieved much already, there is still so much more at stake. We must protect our achievements by continuing to build our political power. Advocacy on healthcare disparities and a strong voice in the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act is critical. Youth, transgender people and seniors continue to experience harsh discrimination and we must work for equality on their behalf. And we must continue to ensure that the laws we pass are fully implemented and enforced.

Outside the arena of legislation, we must continue to win people’s hearts and minds in communities throughout the entire state. We can legislate until we are blue in the face, but until people truly embrace us in all our diversity, we will not achieve full equality. So, together, we will continue this work, because we stand for full equality and nothing less.  Read the rest of this entry »